“I want to<人形> tell you love dolls as not just <幸せ>.” In order to create the ideal one of our custo cyber sex robot mers, All are made to order and are completely made-to- fantasy sex doll order.

Android (58)


RZRDOLL (Android) is a manufacturer of premium silicone dolls in China that entered the love doll industry in 2016. Android's corporate philosophy aims to be the most realistic Love Doll masterpiece in the world. Before entering the love doll industry, he made figurines and Hollywood movie tools. Figures as main achievements YAMATO, Bandai, BP, DIVE, GOODSMILE, I have left many achievements such as Hollywood videos, Batman, MIB, The Ring and so on. And since entering the love doll industr sexy robo y in 2016, a world-clas inexpensive love dolls s craftsman who has accumulated about 13 years of experience, is easy to use according to chinese sex figurines various needs, COSPA We manufacture and sell good, super realistic love dolls.

Updates and features:

1. Increased options for natural skin color

2. The hard foot option has been increased. Hard feet are used to increas used sex dolls e the self-reliance strength of the sole, so that only the heel par blow up dolls reviews t of the strength is Special processing using sex doll anal strong silicone

3. The soft body option has been added. Soft body is set to be real sexdolls softer than standard It's a specification.