“I want to<人形> tell you love dolls as not just <幸せ>.” In order to create the ideal one of our customers, All are made to order and are completely made-to-order.


Worldwide simultaneous announcement on August 18!

TOP-SINO is a real doll created with the latest technology, developed based on robots having sex. Features real makeup RS with blood vessels (from face to foot) and RRS painting of super real makeup tpe dolls just like humans. Hand phalanges with mouth closure and tongue It's a gre love doll factory at doll that will evolve in the f anime doll body uture!

There are the following four items for the 2022 update item of top-sino
① Topsino paint verification and technology update
② Topsino's thumbs and metatarsal joints added
③ Soft Vagina inlet softness update
④ Self-supporting processing update without bolt exposure