After careful deliberation the SOC has decided to publish proceedings for APNVII. We have chosen to go with the new, freeĀ  open access journal “Open Astronomy” that was previously “Baltic Astronomy”

An example of what they offer can be seen in the link below:

Contributions will have an editorship and peer review component first by an internal SOC group and then by “Open Astronomy” itself.

There are several reasons for deciding on a proceedings this time but the main rationale is below:

  • Early career researchers benefit from the extra publication even if conference proceedings
  • A “special issue” brings together the content of a meeting and captures the status of the field at that time in some real sense
  • Special refereed conference proceedings can be well received and used as decent reference materials by participants and others and lead to increased cites in the field and for the authors
  • The included reviews can be very useful
  • A special issue raises the profile of our community and the science we do