Hong Kong has excellent public transportation. This includes double-decker buses, the metro line (MTR), ferries and mini-buses. The fares for public transport depend on the distance travelled, while late night trips (between midnight and 6am) can be more expensive. Some MTR lines/stops are also closed after hours.

Most local people prefer to travel by MTR and minibuses where possible as such means of public transit are considered safe, affordable, efficient, with a fairly comprehensive network in urban areas. Minibuses are either green-topped (fixed-route-fixed-schedule-fix-fared) or red-topped (non-scheduled-customary-fare).

Hong Kong taxis are cash only (no credit cards). Urban taxis are red in color, the Lantau taxis are blue, and the New Territories ones are green. Taxi fares depend on the distance/time travelled, as well as the type of taxi used (red,green or blue). The initial pick-up fare is $24HKD but this value does not start to increase until 2 km have been travelled (or the time equivalent). An extra $5 is charged for each piece of luggage in the boot, and the passenger is responsible for paying all toll fares. Seatbelts must be worn at all times, or else you might be charged a penalty of up to $5000HKD. Unfortunately, the majority of taxi drivers don’t speak English well, but they do know the English names of most of the major attractions, therefore it is useful to have the name of your destination in Chinese on a piece of paper or on your phone (see also the hotel’s link below). There are special attendants at the taxi ranks by the airport, and they are able to assist you in giving instructions to the taxi driver.

Payment for public transportation is mostly done via the contact-less smart card called the Octopus, except for taxis and most red-top minibuses. Passengers can also pay cash, as long as they have the exact fare since no change is given. For tourists there are two options of the Octopus card to choose from – the tourist type ($39), or the “on-loan” type ($150). Both cards can be bought at HK Airport, MTR stations and even 7-11 stores. For more information regarding the Octopus card, including where to buy, how to use, etc, please visit the official Octopus website. The Octopus card can also be used everywhere for everyday purchases in shops, vending machines etc.

Tips: Public transport maps, schedules and fares for buses and ferries can be found at every stop.

To and from the Auberge Discovery Bay

The conference venue is located at the Auberge Discovery Bay hotel and it can be easily reached via public transport from the airport of Hong Kong. The hotel is located next to the Discovery Bay North Plaza bus stop.

this link provides details of the various transport options for getting to the Auberge Hotel on Lantau Island

Taxi from HK Airport

It is a quick ride from the airport to the Auberge (about 30 mins). You can travel either by Lantau taxi (blue). The trip costs approximately $130HKD (cash only), but that depends on traffic and it can be significantly more expensive. An additional fee will be added for each piece of luggage loaded in the boot. Taxis in Hong Kong are spacious and can take 4 to 5 passengers. To see how many passengers fit in a taxi, look for bumper stickers in the front and back of the cars.

Ferry (Discovery Bay <-> Central Pier No.3 on HK Island) ~25 mins

Type Single ticketOvernight (12am - 6am)
Octopus cardAdult$40$57
Token (cash only)Adult$40+$17

Discovery Bay Internal shuttle bus services (Octopus card or Cash only exact fare!)

Service Fare
T4 - between DB North Plaza (Auberge) & Coastline Villavia DB temp.bus terminus (DB Plaza/Ferry pier)$4.4
T9 - between DB North Plaza (Auberge) & Caperidge Drivevia DB temp.bus terminus (DB Plaza/Ferry pier)$4.4

Discovery Bay Internal shuttle bus services (Octopus card or Cash only exact fare!)

DB02A - HK Airport to DB North Plaza (Auberge)$35$35
DB03R - service between Sunny Bay MTR and Marina Drive (passes through DB North Plaza (Auberge) & Ferry pier)$10$5
DB03P - service between Sunny Bay MTR and DB North Plaza (Auberge)$10$5

the airport service runs from Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 2 Bus Bay No.28. Follow the signs for Local Buses at arrivals.

Note 1: The Auberge also runs a courtesy shuttle to/from Sunny Bay MTR station (last bus at 22:45).

Note 2: DB03R/P last bus at 22:05 from Sunny Bay MTR.

Tips: Octopus card holders can wave their cards at the Bus Fare Saving Stations in Discovery Bay and receive a bus fare discount of $4.4 if they board within 45 mins after activation.