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Sanhui Doll (208)


Sanhui Doll () was the second largest silicon in China, found having sex simulator ed in 2002 It is a made doll maker It is popular as a famous brand in Western markets and in Japan.

Silicone dolls in Japan are very expensive for 70-800,000 yen, but SANHUI DOLL is the same for paramia-medical Despite being made of silicone, it is very good COSPA from 200,000 to 300,000. COSPA as silicone can be called the strongest.

Updates and features:

The latest knuckles were developed on March 3, 2022.

2, March 3, 2022 with self-supporting processing (no bolt exposure) technology development It was done.

3. The opening and closing function of the mouth was developed for the first time in the doll world.

4. The shoulder shoulder s buy cheap dolls keleton has been developed

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